Paul Romano

Cross Section is the latest body of work by Paul Romano. It is a broad collection of works ranging from paintings, screen prints, drawings and commercial fine art that Romano created between 2007-2011.

The Cage, oil on mylar, 2011

The Mother, oil on mylar, 2011

Cross Section includes new work from Project XxXxX, an ambitious year long undertaking where he is producing 1000 works at 10”x10” (Specifically one year and one month – spanning from 10/10/10-11/11/11). Romano’s project is both an exercise and exorcise – through mediums and of ideas. He describes it as follows.

It is an exercise to push myself with experimentation in mediums, techniques, mark making; to continue learning. It is also an exorcise of expelling and exploring ideas quickly, as in my lifetime I will never be able to produce physically the amount of work that my imagination creates. It is a process of weeding out and allowing myself to be more playful. The works themselves lie in a limbo between sketch book and a high polished “finished” piece. The mediums and surfaces will range. Printmaking processes will be used, however all works will be original and one of a kind.

Worth noting many of these pieces are sold on his website as he makes them, so please check in every days to view new works. I implore you to immediately purchase any that move you as his works sell quickly. Go here to visit the webstore and purchase prints, originals and pieces from Project XxXxX.

Seed, ink and acrylic on paper and carved wood, 2011

The Agony, charcoal and carved wood, 2011

Leviathan, oil on linen with carved wood, 2011

The work represents Romano’s crossroads as he shifts from the role as a highly regarded commercial fine artists to a fine artists creating works solely for galleries and museum shows. Many critics, curators and art reviewers have their eye on him including the always au courant Samantha Levin (Binnoire / Anagnorisis Fine Arts) and JL Schnabel (Bloodmilk / Hi-Fructose).

Samantha Levin conducted a studio visit with Paul Romano last December for Creep Machine that is well worth a visit and JL Schnabel had this to say:

JL Schnabel Notes:

… the signature style of Romano; [is] a delicate hybrid of fanciful details and dark themes, executed with a superior mastery of mediums and technique. While the work appears to have a fluid aesthetic, fluctuating between a decidedly dark, ominous, world and a brightly hued, whimsical world, each explores the peril and tragedy of the complex human experience.

…. The illuminating and often unsettling figures represent traces of characters from history and myth, as well as figurative personifications of the emotive language Romano has culled over the years.

Lion Tamer, graphite, acrylic and ink on paper, 2011

You may view many more works and find additional insights on Paul Romano’s website.