Luke Chueh / Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City / Feb 12th

Corey Helford Gallery
Feb 12th – March 12th

Chueh’s  solo show “Contemptorary Art” will be at Corey Helford Gallery through March 12th.

The show highlights with many photos were recounted by Arrested Motion.

Arrested Motion Notes:

Taking his iconic imagery and successfully remixing it with some familiar and selected aspects of the genre, the LA-based artist’s new paintings celebrate and at the same time make fun of the high-brow art world as evidenced by the title of the show.  It certainly was a new direction for Luke and forced attendees to think a little about the so-called lowbrow art movement and it’s complex comparisons and relationships to contemporary art.

I have featured Luke Cheuh’s work before and I truly appreciate the questions he is posing with his latest solo show.

You may view more work on Luke Chueh’s website.