Scott Musgrove

Curator Alexandra Mazzanti of Dorothy Circus Gallery is pleased to present the latest solo show of Scott Musgrove titled, “Fame, I’m Going To Live Forever.” This all-new body of work consists of 8 oil paintings and 2 graphite pieces.

Beached, 2012

Musgrove is one of my favorite artists and I have written about him before. Once again, he has woven heart tugging concepts of impermanence into idealized landscapes that boast of times when worries of global species extinction was the stuff of doomsayers.

The Hiker, 2012

In this series, Musgrove places a variety of impeccably detailed, over-sized beasts into classic landscapes that harken to pre-industrilized days when the earth was pristine and the species count was still robust. In all cases, his beasts are woefully out of place in scale, terrain and climate; each a reminder that our ecosystems are more fragile than we might imagine and that all creatures are vulnerable.

Fame, I’m Going To Live Forever
June 14th – July 20th

Dorothy Circus Gallery
via dei Pettinari 76
00185 Roma
Tel. +39 06 68805928
+39 338 9499432


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Adrift, 2012

Musgrove spoke a bit about the name of his latest show, “Fame, I’m Going To Live Forever.”

Some people think I’m somehow referring to myself here. Not the case, it’s about how people often try to get famous to make themselves somehow immortal, so they’ll be remembered after their death. But with animal species, of course, most of them are promptly forgotten after they become extinct. So the idea here is about painting portraits of them and hanging them in galleries so that they may not be forgotten. This concept is connected to my last show in NY where most of the titles of the paintings were the last words of famous people, etc.

The Searcher, 2012

Mutations, 2012

Musgrove creates frame-ready graphite sketches for most of his works. He shared some of the ones created for this show.

This one was created for a charity group show titled “Green Blood” curated by Alexandra Mazzanti (Dorothy Circus Gallery) and Tara McPherson (Cotton Candy Machine). You may read more about this show in Hi-Fructose.

Musgrove has also been working hard over the last 6 months with Metalphysic Studios in Tucson, AZ. Below are the latest of his creatures to leap from the painting into a sculpted form. Not all art is can be appropriately transformed from 2D to 3D, so it is remarkable to see Musgrove’s work translate so well.

Walktapus, Bronze 2012

Here was the work in clay.

Musgrove had this to say about working with the foundry and described a bit of the overall process:

“…working with the folks at Metalphysic has been a dream. Not only are they smart, fun and talented people, they have the same goals as I do; to make pieces of art that are also scientifically accurate. My thinking was that if I made stuff really big, then the scientific community could no longer ignore me. And still, I wait.

Anyway, I love the process of working with the foundry. We go round and round with drawing after drawing. Once I’ve come up with a pose that represents the animal properly, we turn it into a 3D model so we can make sure it will be both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. This also helps inform the construction of the armature that supports the sculpture. After that, I will generally head down to Tucson for a few weeks to work on the final full-size clay sculpture onsite at their foundry. Besides giving me an opportunity to work on sculptures that are too large for my studio here in Seattle, it also gives me a chance to go out and dig holes in the desert floor at night and climb those saguaro cactuses out by the airport.”

How Is The Empire, Bronze 2012

I continue to be impressed and inspired by this prolific artist’s work. If you are exceedingly lucky enough to live in (or to be visiting) Rome, I hope you will stop in and check out this talented artist’s work

Congratulations on yet another fantastic show Scott!