CT Nelson

Knew Conscious Gallery presents Denver artist CT Nelson in his inaugural solo exhibition in the United States, “Darker Side of Light.”

Descending Into Something Higher / 20″x20″ / 2012

Knew Conscious
2700 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205

Facebook invitation

Opening reception with the artist on June 9th from 8:00 pm to 11:30
with musical guest Ultraviolet.

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The Gallery will be offering 5 unique limited edition prints in support of the show.

I am personally drawn to the explosive and volatile nature of his work. It is both awe inspiring in it’s intricate details and over flowing lushness…

Critical Mass : Trying to Feel Through The Noise / 36″x24″ / 2012

…. as well as darkly unsettling with it’s raw emotion and brutally honest narratives.

Uncomfortably Close / 20″x20″ / 2012

I am also drawn to his use of lose fluid line work alongside impeccably painted surrealist objects and scenarios.

Wings are Chains / 20″x20″ / 2012

Gallery statement about the artist:

CT Nelson either does not fit into any one artistic movement or he might fit into all of them. His unique style draws from many and has been developed into one that is completely his own. By juxtaposing graffiti line and pattern work within western or neo-classical imagery that then explodes into piles or fragments and repeating patterns, CT creates emotional intrigue and complexity that goes beyond the obvious and is truly captivating to the viewer. A genius use of light and color soothes a sharp emotional response and any discomfort turns to curiosity and a desire to delve into a deeper look into the surreal landscape.

If you are lucky enough to live in Denver in the summer time, then you are also lucky enough to be able to few this remarkable artist’s work in person. Go forth without delay.