Jennybird Alcantara

Varnish Fine Art presents Creatures of Saintly Disguise, a solo exhibition of new work by Pop Surrealist painter, Jennybird Alcantara. This exquisite exhibition showcases a wide range of mediums from large scale oil paintings to smaller pieces and works on paper.

Creatures of Saintly Disguise, 2012

Varnish Fine Art
16 Jessie St., #C120
San Francisco, CA 94105

on exhibit June 9th – July 28, 2012
Artist Reception Sat June 9, 6 to 9pm

The artist’s reception also coincides with the Yerba Buena arts district Gallery Walk happening Saturday June 9, 3-6pm

She has long been one of my favorite artists and her latest body of work does not disappoint. She continues to weave her signature doe-eyed women into lush scenes of highly detailed flora and fauna with sumptuous and well-considered color palettes.

Glass House Girls Make Good Warriors, 2011

Throughout her heartfelt works, she presents clues to deeper meanings which allow for a wide range of contemplative interpretations.

Clandestine Meeting, 2012

Unseen Veil, 2012

Self Immolation Meets the Ink River, 2012

I was able to stop by Jennybird’s studio back in February and peek at some of her work in progress. I always find it fascinating to see how artists bring their own work to life and hers is one of well-considered composition and thoughtful narratives, combined with a well-mapped plan of execution.

There are many, many sketches on tissue and snippets from magazines and other found pieces of inspiration all over her walls.

When Jennybird begins a new painting, she will sometimes use a collage of pieces and parts from previous paintings to work out her idea.

She uses lots and LOTS of brushes.

She spends a lot of time meticulousluy painting in the details of each section before moving on to the next.

Below are a few more pieces from this amazing show. I do hope if you are in San Francisco, you will not miss the opportunity to view this extraordinarily talented artist’s work in person.

Patron Saint of the Garden of Elusive Dreams, 2012

State of Anointed Grace, 2012