Ben Venom

Once again, Ben Venom is bringing the noise to Guerrero Gallery with all new works for his solo show “I Call The Shots.” I have reviewed this extraordinary artist before and I can’t get enough of his clever and highly skilled work so I am thrilled he has cranked out so many new amazingly detailed pieces. He’s an animal with thread and needle!

I Go Where Eagles Dare / 108″x60″ / 2012

Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Show runs June 9th – July 7th
Opening Reception Saturday, June 9th, 7-11 PM

The opening will include performances by San Francisco bands Hazzardʼs Cure and Dalton.

King of Kings / 74″x74″ / 2012

Venom is well known for his highly unique combination of masculine heavy metal culture with the typically feminine craft of quilt making. His approach transcends these two disparate lifestyles to ultimately create something that can be appreciated by the hardened biker and soft spoken granny alike.

And that dear reader, is a talent the likes of which is rarely seen.

In Venomʼs words, his work “is serious, yet attempts to take on a B movie Horror film style, where even the beasts of Metal need a warm blanket to sleep with.”

You may view a short video of Venom by Agency Charlie below and hear some of his insights and techniques here : Ben Venom – A Neighbors Film Project

Also worth noting, while viewing the video, look at the walls of the gallery behind Venom’s work and you’ll see paintings by another astoundingly talented artist, Kevin Earl Taylor. I have reviewed his amazing paintings as well.

The following pieces feature various denims that were mostly donated by Venom’s friends. He states, “Embroidered jean jackets express the similarities between motorcycle gangs and the punk rock/metal scene that are all present in my work.”

Turn Up The Night / 107″x85″ / 2012

I Wanna Be Somebody / 666″x8″ / 2012

Used Skull / 39″x51″ / 2012

If you are in San Francisco this month, get your bad ass down to Guerroro gallery and check out this mad man’s work in person. You will not be disappointed.