Travis Louie

Viewing the mastery of light and extreme detail of every mark within Louie’s work is akin to falling into an Edwardian daguerreotype. Sinking past the exquisite artistry, one will find the stories within the paintings are even richer. Louie spends a great deal of time envisioning the lives of his subjects so that when he pulls them forward onto his canvas they feel poignantly real. There is so much emotional truth in their liquid eyes one can believe they may have actually trudged upon this earth. Their quirks, growths and unkempt hair being no more odd than those of ‘normal’ humans. My emotions soften when gazing at their solemn faces and I adore my own flaws all the more.

You may view an extensive portfolio and read the informative story behind all of his paintings on Travis Louie’s website.

Louie also has a beautiful hardbound book.

LATEST NEWS: Travis Louie will have a solo show at the Gallery 1988 LA (Melrose). It opens Thursday December 2nd, 7pm-10pm. The show will run through Dec 24th. Louie collaborated with other artists for this exhibition and most notably (for me) was his collaboration with Greg “Craola” Simkins, another fierce talent. More information about this exhibition (including sneak peaks at the collaborative art) can be seen on this Boing Boing post by David Pescovitz.