Julien Lesur

Julien Lesur’s work is more than just a person being photographed, it is about the world that they occupy. It is with great skill that he collects tangible elements that bring these momentary emotional glimpses of the past-present to life. It is as if their innermost thoughts have been tweezed to the surface and displayed as precious curios in a tiny observation room. Each photograph is a peak into a journal, a keepsake box, even a sealed psychiatric report. They display meticulously curated and displayed objects that create poignant situations that beg for closer inspection. If a viewer has a magnifying glass handy, each photograph is worth a keener inspection as even the tiniest details have been considered.

Intense thought and planning precedes each of Lesur’s photo sessions. And it is worth noting, he uses very little Photoshop. The “hanging bat” image is a self-portrait shot on a set that was built entirely upside down. As a set builder, I can speak from experience and confirm this man is brilliant.

Lesur’s work is gentle and endearing. It is clear there is great affection for each scene being created and intense thought and planning has preceded each photo session. Despite this, his work is not without remorse or sadness. Each photograph seems to capture the truth of the moment – that regardless of a yearning for a perfect past or future, there is a cold reality that what is desired is often not what has or will transpire.

It is a gift that Julien Lesur can eloquently capture and cultivate the fleeting moments of life. He provides the tangible proof that even though memories and dreams are intangible and posses no monetary value, they are often the most valuable possession that a person may have.

You may view more of Lesur’s portfolio on his website.