C.A.V.E. Gallery presents all new works by U.K. artist, CRAWW (also at the gallery will be artists John Park and Christopher Cuseo).

Faith, 2012

C.A.V.E. Gallery
1108 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA
(310) 450-6960

I am a fan of Craww’s ethereal narratives so I am excited he and his work will be back in the state’s again. His latest show continues his themes of loss and longing with twisting figures and dusty colors that give pangs to the heart.

Patience, 2012

C.A.V.E. Gallery had this to say about his new work:

Craww’s work is known for the dreamlike portraits populated with floating muses, individually emanating a dynamic mix of elegance, balance and disciplined chaos. [His] new series of work explores the concept of fate, governed by threads that lead from start to end – threads that bind us to our destiny and threads that ultimately release us. Craww’s imagery references the story of the Moirae, the three sisters of Fate – who spin the thread of life from cosmic forces, assign each man his destiny, and in the end cut the thread of life. Each piece of this collection inspires a subjective mood and frees the mind to explore an ethereal world, not bound by an identifiable time or place.

Tehther, 2012

I have featured his work before HERE and posted about his participation in the 2011 Sept Group Show at Spoke Art, curated by Ken Harman and the 2011 group show “Dig for Fire” curated by Kevin Titzer.

When Craww was in the states for his show at Spoke Art, I had the pleasure of spending time with him and I was impressed by his daily drawing ritual. Here is one of the sketches he did one morning in my kitchen. You can view a more of these sketches on his blog.

To give some insight into Crawws’ work flow from sketch to final painting, I have gathered a few in-progress photos from his Instagram feed (@craww).

Lastly, while Craww was in town, my partner Jason Mitchell and I shot two portraits of him as part of our on-going artists portrait series. He was a wonderful subject and we truly appreciated the time he took to come into our studio. We love the photos and feel they capture his serene, thoughtful essence.

I hope if you live in LA, you will be able to stop by the show at C.A.V.E. Gallery, see the new works and meet this talented artist in person. You will not be disappointed by either opportunity.

Congratulations Craww, on your on-going success!