Chet Zar’s : Conjoined 2 in 3D / Copro Gallery / Jan 21– Feb 11

Copro Gallery presents “Conjoined In 3D! Part 2.” Last year at this time, Chet Zar curated “Conjoined” to much fan fare, and his follow up show looks to be just as epic. This time, he has focused on dimensional works including classic sculptures, life like models, surreal assemblages, mixed media paintings and life sized toys.

Copro Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday January 21, 2012 – 8:00 – 11:30 p.m.

Bergamot Station Arts Complex
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5, Santa Monica , CA 90404
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I for one, am undone by some of the sublime pieces (and artists) in this show and while I gravitate towards the more conceptually grim works, there are many pieces that are lovely, quirky and esoteric. Conjoined 2, like it’s predecessor, keeps wonderfully strange bedfellows.

A Dead Pope, Chet Zar

La Petite MortChristopher Conte (swoon!)

Copro Gallery had this to say of Chet Zar’s curation:

This show includes many artists of Pop-Surrealism as well as motion picture industry special effects and well known Art Toy artists. From the twisted and bizarre to the majestic and unbelievable there will be many unusual works and all in 3D!

Vati-Cane, Francesco De Molfetta

The Fast Supper, Jason Hite (as you can tell by the multiple angles… this one wrecks me.)

Ouroboros, John Haley lll

Filthy Johnson, Paul Chatem (I have reviewed his work before here.)

Colin Christian

Its not a fragrant world, Scott Musgrove (I have featured his work before here and here.)

Lustmord, photo & picture frame by Tas Limur, (vertebrae in the photo by Stephanie Inagak) - I’ve known Tas and admired his work for a long while. I am really excited to see photography included in this show and he is a perfect fit. Way to represent brother!

Participating Artist list:
Ron English, Joe Sorren, Doktor A, Adam Jones, Chet Zar, Colin Christian, John Cebollero, Rick Zar, Black Mass, Shifflet Bros Francesco De Molfetta, Jud Bergeron, Bill Sturgeon, Tracey Roberts, Jesse Gee, Bill Basso, Zombienose, Zoetica Ebb, David Richardson, Scott Radke, John Haley lll, Johny Chow, Ryan Peterson, Simon Lee, Chris Conte, David Simon, Meats Meier, Tas Limur, Nathan Cartwright, Jake Roanhause, Charles Krafft, Ver Mar, Neil Winn, Jason Hite, Chantal Menard, Bruce Fuller, Dave Grasso, Steve Wang, Neal Kennemore, Bruce Mitchell, Brian Smith Thomas Kuebler, Andrew Freeman, Dave Pressler, Akihito Ikeda, Paul Chatem, Brian Poor, Jack Howe, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Eddie Sparr, Craig LaRotonda, Charles Manson, Albert Cuellar, Mark Setrakian, Michael Shawn McCracken, Laurie Hassold, Kato DeStephan, & More