Julia Fullerton-Batten

Experiencing Fullerton-Batten’s photographs are like hearing shushed whispers on the wind. Simultaneously intriguing and unsettling, her work captures the fragmented and often disconcerting transitions of young girls into adulthood.

Fullerton-Batten’s eloquent allegories have morphed the girls into wild roaming animals, transformed them into giants who dwarf their surroundings, and she has thrown / dropped the girls in well-dressed rooms with bone breaking force. One only needs to glance at her work to quickly understand the deeper and more powerful meanings behind these simple metaphors.

All of Fullerton-Batten’s work is staggeringly sophisticated. The scenes and lighting are heavily choreographed, yet this high-level production always steps aside, allowing the powerful concepts to quietly slip forward.

I implore a thorough immersion of this talented story tellers portfolio.
You may visit her website here.

(The extraordinarily talented photographer / film director Mark Brecke reminded me of this talented woman’s work. Thanks Mark!)