Paul Curtis “Moose” & Alexandre Orion

Moose (London) and Orion’s (São Paulo) “reverse graffiti” is created by selectively removing accumulated grime off of a large surface (sidewalks, tunnel walls) so that images appear. In the beginning of their careers they each were challenged by authorities, but no case was ever made. After all, they were cleaning, not permanently defacing. Their work challenges the lines between vandalism and public art and it’s non-damaging nature has forced many public official to reflect on the legality of free-expression.

Moose now regularly donates his time for a variety of charities and hand-picked paid clients. He is at the forefront of the movement to rethink street advertising and push it to be more targeted and less invasive. I live in San Francisco and personally saw the “Green Works” Broadway tunnel. I found it magical.

Alexandre Orion is known for the skulls he emblazoned throughout the tunnels of São Paulo in 2006. The flummoxed São Paulo authorities unable to prosecute, cleaned the areas that had been adorned. So Orion, just moved to another section of the tunnel. This cat & mouse game continued until the authorities just cleaned all the tunnels throughout the city.

No matter the approach – the results are a gorgeous WIN.

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