Luke Chueh

Screwed / 2008

Adding Fuel to the Fire / 2007

Ancient societies understood symbols could cut to the quick. So do Luke Chueh’s iconic paintings. He does not waste time dragging the viewer into the sinister darkness of fear, regret and longing. His childlike characters somberly endure horrific fates and silently beg us to look in the mirror. While viewing Chueh’s work, it seems completely appropriate to simultaneously laugh and cry.

Disintegration / 2007

Gummi Bear in Mind / 2011

Honey Bear / 2007

Misfortune Cat / 2007

In 2009, Chueh completed the epic undertaking of illustrating Dante’s Inferno. It is not possible to do this endeavor justice by showing 1 or 2 images. The set should be viewed as a whole. Again, to see Chueh’s gentle characters enduring what most would agree is the depths of suffering and madness is an arresting tableau.

The Inferno series and the rest of work is viewable on his extensive portfolio.

Giant Robot Cover

LATEST NEWS: As shown, one of Chueh’s paintings was featured on the cover and inside Issue 68 of Giant Robot.

His paintings will also be displayed by Corey Helford Gallery at the prestigious SCOPE Miami, a veritable who’s who exhibition for art collectors. The show will run from Nov 30th – Dec 5th. Corey Helford Gallery will also be featuring some of my other all time favorite artists such as Ray Caesar, COOP, David Stoupakis, Kukula, Brandi Milne, and Sylvia Ji. Read more about this exhibition at Cultureshoq.