Justin “Coro” Kaufman

To say Coro’s talents are vast would be an understatement. He is a searingly talented concept artist and co-founder of powerhouse “Massive Black,” who’s work for VGs such as BioShock and Hellgate London is widey known. And he’s a highly regarded fine artist and lead instructor at the infamous ‘Safehouse Atelier,’ a two-year immersive arts program for illustrators and artists. So it’s no real surprise he would smash these skills together to create the visually lush, graphic novel titled “Transient Man.”

Every page is a painting pulsing with expression as Coro peels back the crackling veneer of ugliness to reveal heartfelt beauty. The protagonists are homeless, the key scenes are on dirty city streets and many of the secondary characters are horrifying Lovecraftian creatures from another dimension, yet Coro lovingly embraces them all.

And most poignant is the ferocious honesty in which Coro doles out the violence throughout the novel. Unlike most popular entertainment, it is never gratuitous, instead it’s is deftly used to create gut-wrenching emotional tension.

It’s clear Coro has created something really special. Unlike other popular entertainment that is cheaply produced and quickly written, Coro’s methodic work displays all the discipline of a modern master storyteller. He is a true gentleman walking in a land of brutes.

A large portion of the novel may be viewed immediately on the “Transient Man” website. The only caveat? Reading it will leave you begging for more. Read Transient Man here NOW.

And if that is not enough for you? Some of the concept images shown can be purchased as lithographs at the Massive Black store. (thanks Zack Lara!)

To see more of Coro’s work you may visit his personal website and Massive Black.