“Dig for Fire” Art Inspired by the Pixies / curated by Kevin Titzer / C.A.V.E. Gallery / Sept 9 – Oct 8

(Venice, CA) C.A.V.E. Gallery is pleased to present “Dig For Fire: Art Inspired by the Pixies”, a group show curated by Kevin Titzer and presented in association with Thinkspace.

“Dig For Fire” – Art Inspired by the Pixies Group exhibition
curated by Kevin Titzer
Presented in association with Thinkspace

C.A.V.E. Gallery
1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice CA 90291
ph: 310 450 6960
email: info@cavegallery.net

Sept. 9th – October 8th, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, September 9th, 2011, 6pm – 10pm

The roster of participating artists is impressive.
Ale Siniestro • Allison Sommers • Annie Owens • Aya Kakeda • Ben Kehoe • Casey Weldon
Chris Berens • Chris Cole • Chris Mars • Chris Sickels • Craig LaRotonda • Craww • Douglas Miller
Eric Eaton • JennyBird Alcantara • Jeremy Pruitt • John Casey • John Michael Gill
Jonathan & Valerie Nicklow • Joshua Charles Hart • Kathleen Lolley • Kelly Allen • Kevin Titzer
Lee Petty  • Luke Chueh • Macsorro • Ojimbo • Plasticgod • PJ Fidler  • Rik Catlow • Robert Hardgrave
Sergio Mora • Shaunna Peterson • Tim McCormick • Tom Haubrick

A previous sneak peak for the show Dig for Fire can be seen over on Sour Harvest (including work in progress and behind the scenes videos).

Kevin Titzer’s emotionally stirring pieces are a deft combination of highly skilled craftsmanship melded with a fluid flow of unique concepts and stories. He is is one of my favorite talents today. A few great interviews that provides a lot of insight into Kevin’s process can be read over at SpankyStokes, Postcard Elba and Erratic Phenomena, you can take a peak inside his studio during the preparation for his 2005 group show, “Snowball in Hell: Art inspired by They Might Be Giants.Please stop by Kevin’s website for more work.

Kevin Titzer had this to say about the show:

“… I don’t think you could’ve walked into any university art department in the 90’s and not heard the Pixies music playing somewhere. They still inform the work I make today and I don’t think I’m alone”.

Kevin Titzer – Monkey Gone to Heaven

“For me the seed of the series goes back to the early 90’s music magazine “Raygun”. At the back of most issues were a couple of pages of artwork by musicians interpreting a song from another band. I always looked forward to those pages and always found them interesting. I enjoyed seeing how people could visualize the same song in numerous different ways.”

Allison Sommers : La La Love You

Annie Owens : Higher, Levitate Me

Ben Kehoe : Hey

Casey Weldon : Caribou

Chris Berens : Havalina

Chris Cole : Velouria (a kinetic sculpture with a guitar amp hidden in its base. The sculpture is hand cranked, and as you crank it, ports open and close muffling or distorting the sound from the amp)

Chris Mars : Nimrod’ Son

“… The Pixies are one of my favorite bands and fit very nicely into what I was looking for in a theme. The band has very visual lyrics and use lot’s of characters in their songs. They are generally very narrative and also a bit open ended and nonlinear. This gives the artists lot’s of room to stretch out with their interpretations and has made for a wonderfully diverse exhibition.”

Chris Sickels : Baily’s Walk

Craig Larotonda : Monkey Gone To Heaven

Craww : Monkey Gone to Heaven

Jay Fidler: Levitate Me

John Casey : Tony’s Theme

JennyBird Alcantara : Bleed

Kelly Allen : La La Love You

Macsorro : Cactus Man and the Bone Machine

Ojimbo : I Believe in Mr. Grieves, (and Mr. Rogers)

Sergio Mora : Monkey Gone To Heaven

Shaunna Peterson : Monkey Goes to Heaven

Tom Haubrick : Something Against You

I’m blown away by this show and if you are lucky enough to be in L.A. I hope you will stop by the gallery. If you are interested in purchasing works, please visit the show gallery at C.A.V.E..

Thanks for pulling this together Kevin!