Kate MccGwire

MccGwire’s work is at once breathtakingly beautiful and quizzically unsettling. Her primary medium is feathers that are systematically positioned around bulky, undulating forms. These creations are remarkably unexpected and are a far cry from their original purpose of airborne flight.

Her latest installation “Evacuation” oozes out of a cast iron stove in the stoic kitchen of an English mansion. The massive rolling incarnation blankets the floor and appears poised to devour the entire house. It is a gorgeous, yet horrifying spectacle.

Throughout all of her work, the feather arrangements are based on natural symmetry and flow so her pieces seems to be in a constant swirling motion. In short, MccGwire’s work, combines delicate elegance with the unrelenting force of infinity. It is truly awe inspiring.

An extensive interview on Juxtapoz can be viewed here.