Handiedan, Olivia, Craww & Suarez / Spoke Art / Sept 1 – Sept 22

Spoke Art is pleased to present their September Group Show featuring four artists from around the world: Handiedan (Amsterdam), Charmaine Olivia (San Diego), Craww (Sheffield, England) and Tatiana Suarez (Brooklyn, NY).

Quite remarkably, all artists will be present at the show!

Spoke Art Gallery
816 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Opening night September 1, 2011 6pm – 10pm
show on view through September 22, 2011

Facebook event page


“Craww uses graphite and acrylic paints to fabricate seductively dark and fantastical women who come to him in his day-dreams. He enjoys seeing his creations evolve into something unexpected as he paints.

He describes his work as “stream of consciousness doodlings and paintings. Steeped in ambiguity, often melancholic and usually featuring big hands and crows.”

A fantastic interview on Craww can be read over at Kitch-en Gallery. I also did a brief feature/interview with Craww last year prior to his solo show, “Crooked Comfort” at C.A.V.E Gallery in Venice, CA.

Craww has an interesting blog where he often shares his thought process and work-in-progress. You may also view many more of his sketches, or to buy prints at his store. For those of your who would like to have Craww’s work as a mural you can also purchase many of his pieces as large (affordable) wall graphics!

Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia’s arresting oil paintings capture sensual tattooed women. Whether they are wearing a fox mask, a feathery headdress, or there is a ship emerging from a tangle of black hair, it is hard to pull your eyes away from these beauties.

In a recent interview she says, “As most of my paintings are some sort of reflection of me, this is me living vicariously through them.”

A great interview on Olivia can be read over at the très cool Warholian, and you can check out what inspires her over on her tumblr.

Tatiana Suarez

Tatiana Suarez is a multifaceted artist who primarily uses oils although you can also find her on the streets painting murals with a graffiti can.

Her fascination with faces and emotional facial expression inspires her to create unique and vivid portraits. Touching on symbols and mythology from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian background, her trademark wideeyed girls conjure other-worldly fantasy.

You can read a personal, quirky and interesting interview over on my fav’ art & culture blog, Supersonic Electronic. If you’d like to purchase any of Tatiana’s work stop by her store.


Handiedan’s layered and intricate collages are influenced by old pin-up girl posters and movie images. She collects found items in the streets, old buildings, flea markets, and during her travels which she then later alters to create new works. In her artwork you can find Chinese post papers, cook book pages, old stamps, fabric, rusty nails, dried flowers, currency, and old
movie posters.

An in-depth interview from 2010 by the curator of this show, Ken Harman, can be found at Arrested Motion. As always, his interviews are filled with insightful questions and thoughtfully composed photos. To purchase any of her work, please check out her store.

I am really looking forward to this well curated show!

Thanks Ken and all of the artists for your hard work.