Marci Washington

Washington’s work plunges the viewer into the icy cold darkness at the bottom of the human psyche. Her grim symbolism of the “Manor Born” easily flirts between glutinous consumption and corporal corruption. I find her paintings akin to the slow, pleasing slice of a brutally honest knife.

Today Tiny Showcase is offering a limited edition, affordable print by Marci Washington. Only 100 will be available.They will be released at 7:30pm EST. I am certain they will sell out quickly. Do not tarri.

Shea’la Finch and Jon Buonaccorsi of Tiny Showcase say of her work,

Using strange perspectives to set us on uncertain footing, and doing more in one painting with black in it’s various shades than most artists could do with a rainbow, Marci Washington continues to impress; to leave the door open just a touch, enough for us spy and sneak into the strange world she paints.”

Here is a great interview with the artist by Kristen Farr of Juxtapoz.

To view more of her work please visit her website.

And if you miss out on the Tiny Showcase print, you may wish to peruse her rather nostalgic jewelry.