James Elliott Moore

Moore’s greatest talent is his ability to portray a truth that resonates like piano keys struck with blunt force. His work is fierce and unrelenting, barely leaving space to breath. It is impulse and passion, never pausing to look back, nor heading the future. It pulses with the power of the moment, as he forces the uncertainty and turmoil roiling within his subjects to literally burst from within.

He is a clairvoyant among us. Yet he does not see auras of ethereal wispy colors, but instead he envisions gurgling mucous, severed fingers, crumpled metal and dirty socks.

Despite the visceral nature of his style, Moore is a tender hearted author. He speaks so frankly of nervous and uncomfortable places that they become familiar. It’s as if he has a hand on his character’s (and the viewer’s!) shoulders to help brace them.

It is impossible not to see the beating heart Moore has strapped to his sleeve with duck tape.  What is even more remarkable is he has punctured holes into it with a gnawed pencil and allowed all the pain, discomfort and anxiety he knows to flow like sap from a wounded tree. I am deeply affected by Moore’s raw honesty.

Moore Notes:

What artists or creative person has influenced you?
If she were a real person, I would say Mother Nature. I was in Boy Scouts when I was younger, and growing up in a state of nature —and learning from it, in all of its beauty, systems, and chaos —will be a life long journey I’m sure.  Also, scientists making breakthroughs in technology, I like to keep up with all the latest discoveries.

Not including other artists or art, what inspires you?
Stories of resurrection – things experiencing death or destruction – and renewing themselves after mutation or decay, experiencing rebirth.  They always come out a little different in the End, and that surprise, the sometimes brutal or psychedelic transformation into something positive after darkness, is extremely fascinating to me, and often gives my work a surreal edge.

What is the part of your process you enjoy the most?
Getting my hands dirty by far, and destroying my workspace! Also, research and taking documentary photos and videos, when I make things I want to feel like a space explorer in uncharted land, my studio or installation space being “the site”, and the piece itself a specimen.

… the least?

If you were NOT an artist, what would you be doing?
When I die, I would like to be cremated and my ashes scattered across a mountain or river, and maybe come back as a deer or tiger.


Moore will have a solo show at White Rabbit in NYC from February 2nd to the beginning of March. The artist will be present at the opening reception on Friday Feb 4th from 7-10pm.

Gallery Notes by Samantha Levin:

His upcoming series, “Rebirth Control,” is based upon a story that he originally published as a comic strip after he saw a deer being hit by a car and shot along a mountain road in north Georgia. Grotesque, frenetic and evocative of pulp fiction monsters, the comic shows a woman growing antlers after the spirit of a deer she’s run over passes into her; “a transferral of energy that happens in the process of technology colliding with nature.”

Moore’s linework makes his subjects look like they’re melting or eroding, as if he’s constantly re-imagining pulp fiction horror creatures’ rotting flesh, swamp bodies or zombie faces, and applying it to our everyday lives.  To me, much of his work is stressful, yet stimulating and exhilarating.

Moore will be giving out copies of the first of a trilogy of zines based on the works in the exhibit entitled Rebirth Control: GHOST. (WOW!) I advise you to arrive early as quantitates are limited.

White Rabbit
145 East Houston St
New York, NY

More information can be found about this event and the artist at Artanagnorisis Fine Arts, the organization created by curator Samantha’s Levin’s to exhibit emerging and established artists.

You may view more of Moore’s work at his website and take a peek into his mind on his tumblr blog.